Aggregate The crushed stone or alternative substance in concrete.
Application The use of Enviromesh products in a specific type of construction.
BBA British Board of Agrément is the UK’s leading construction Certification Body, offering approval, certification and expert test services to manufacturers of products and systems.
Certification The process of giving official or legal approval to a person, company, product, etc. that has reached a particular standard.
Civil Engineer An engineer whose training or occupation is in the design and construction especially of public works. Including works such as residences, institutional buildings, roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, and railways.
Customer A person or company that purchases, specifies or influences the purchasing process for Enviromesh products.
Design & Supply A contract for detailed design to be used for construction and supply of Enviromesh products usually including on site advisory and installation demonstration services.
Enviroslope A steel mesh facing system used for reinforced earth embankments.
Erosion Control The practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development, coastal areas, river banks and construction.
Freestanding Standing alone or on its own foundation, free of support or attachment.
Gabion The term ‘gabion’ refers to a modular containment system that enables rock and stone to be used as a construction material.
Installation The act of building a structure on site using Enviromesh products.
Loading Pressure Loads which are imposed on a completed or temporary structure during and as a result of the construction process.
Mass Gravity Gabion Retaining Wall Structures which rely on their mass to resist pressure from the load behind, and are therefore filled with heavy materials such as stone or concrete.
Mattress Gabion mattresses are box units where the plan area is large compared to its height.
Post-Supported A typical method of providing additional support is the use of vertical steel columns within the gabion wall.
Trapezoidal Trapezoidal gabions are manufactured so that the front and/or rear panels can be inclined.
Value Engineered The modification of designs and systems according to value analysis.
Wind Load The estimated pressure or force applied upon a structure by the wind, which must be allowed for in the design of a structure.