• Beacon Barracks Welded Mass Gravity Gabion Retaining Wall Portfolio
  • Beacon Barracks Welded Mass Gravity Gabion Retaining Wall Portfolio
  • Beacon Barracks Welded Mass Gravity Gabion Retaining Wall Portfolio
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Lend Lease
  • HLM Architects
  • July 2015
  • Retaining Wall, Welded Gabion

Beacon Barracks



In early 2015 the Ministry of Defense site at Beacon Barrack and the surrounding area of Stafford received significant investment. This is to accommodate around a thousand troops returning to the area.

This came as the result of decisions to return 16 Signal Regiment and 1 Armoured Division Signal Regiment to Stafford. This is the result of the drawdown of British Forces from the Rhine Garrison and the Munster and Celle Stations in Germany. The 150m project includes residential homes as well as technical and recreational facilities for the returning regiments.

Enviromesh was excited and honored to be invited to bid for the external works within the Beacon Barracks MoD site. Enviromesh had worked with the main contractor, Lend Lease in the past on new school academy projects in Birmingham. This was a key consideration for the project as it required a reliable installation team with a proven track record.

Initially, we were asked to provide design estimates based on a ‘design and supply’ basis. Having mentioned the Enviromesh installation service during an early meeting. This later led to a request for us to submit a ‘whole package’ proposal. This would include the design, supply of materials and installation of the gabion retaining wall structure.


Initially, we would need to assure the client of our capabilities and experience. With the knowledge that the main objective of meeting a tight deadline would suit the organisational strengths of Enviromesh.

On this project, the time frames were critical to the success of the wider programme of construction. Accurate assessment of the scope of the works and the ability to be flexible with design changes would all play an important role in a successful outcome.

We would need to work hard to ensure we met the timings set out in the schedule of works. However our experience in managing personnel and understanding of the logistics involved in delivering and handling large volumes of materials. This meant that we were confident we could meet (and exceed) the stated completion date of 23rd August. In fact, we completed the installation two weeks early.


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