• Prologis Birmingham Interchange Freestanding Gabion Upstand Wall

Prologis Park Birmingham Interchange


Prologis Park Birmingham Interchange is a new commercial development located near the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and Birmingham Business Park. “Birmingham Business Park is an ideal location for industrial logistics and these buildings have been designed to appeal to the extensive local automotive supply chain and the more traditional logistics and distribution sectors,” said Phil Oakley, Market Officer at Prologis UK.

Prologis has been actively investing in the West Midlands for the past twenty years, building more than 11 million sq. ft. and investing over £1bn in the region. Prologis Park is the result of a shortage of new grade A logistics space in the West Midlands. Prologis Park Birmingham Interchange will satisfy continued occupier demand for industrial logistics facilities in this important motorway corridor and benefits from access to the skilled local labour pool.

Enviromesh were contacted by Benniman Ltd in October 2018 to design, supply and install a 4.5m high Mass Gravity Gabion Bund and Up-stand. The gabion wall was partially retaining with a ballustrade to achieve the specified height. Along with partially retaining the ground behind the wall, it also created a divide/screen between the existing residents and the commercial sheds. This was an important part of the planning approval process.

Gabion Baskets

There were two types of gabion baskets used at the Prologis Park site. The first being PVC/Galfan, this was as a result of the site won backfill being lime stabilised. The 2.7/3.2mm PVC panels were used due to this type of soil being potentially aggressive to galfan. To ensure uniformity in the face of the wall a 4mm Galfan face panel was used on the front of the baskets.

The second type of gabion basket used was 3/4/4 Galfan. The 4mm panels were used on all exposed sides with the 3mm panels used on the hidden panels to reduce the overall cost of the wall.

Prologis Birmingham Interchange Freestanding Gabion Upstand Wall Drawing


Planting pockets were installed within the baskets along the rear of the wall. This allowed for vegetation to be planted and overtime clad the rear of the wall. This was a requirement when designing the wall due to the rear of the wall facing the existing residents. The use of Ivy climbers meant that the wall would eventually blend in with the other landscaping and wouldn’t be as visually intrusive.

Ahead of Schedule

During the design and planning process Enviromesh originally quoted 6 weeks to install the wall. However, due to the open access of the site, good weather and any prior requirements being ready for the installation team before works commenced, Enviromesh were able to complete installation in 4 weeks.

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