Abbot’s Hill School Gabion Landscaping

Abbot's Hill School Gabion Landscaping Welded Trapezoidal Benches
October 29, 2018


Client: Abbot’s Hill School

Contractor: Borras Construction

Architect: NVB Architects

Location: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Date: January 2018

Works Duration: 4 weeks total on-site

Abbot's Hill School Gabion Landscaping Welded Trapezoidal Benches

Abbot’s Hill School is a private all-girls school who prides themselves on being able to provide a vibrant and inclusive educational experience which allows our pupils to achieve and exceed their own and others’ expectations.

The campus development project was part of their strategy to provide an excellent education for all our pupils, we are continually looking to ensure our campus provides the best possible facilities, for both present and future pupils.

Enviromesh were contacted by the architects to produce initial designs for a trapezoidal gabion feature wall. Enviromesh was then later asked to provide a quote for the design, supply and installation of the gabion baskets.

The objective of this project was to design, supply and install a free-standing landscape structure. This structure required a number of varying height trapezoidal section walls all connected and orientated at 90° to each other. This required a series of trapezoidal panels to create the corners and the interface panels between the inclined faces of the walls.

Unusually a variety of fills were used for the finished appearance of the walls, granite, flint and cobbles. The flint blocks were cut on site to form the angled faces required, but as with the cobbles were only a façade. The slate and cobbles were backfilled with a less expensive granite.

Abbot's Hill School Gabion Landscaping Welded Trapezoidal Benches

Services provided by Enviromesh

  • Design engineer consultations and production of as-built drawings
  • Manufacture and supply of the gabion mesh baskets in line with the design
  • Supply and construction of sample walls on-site for client approval
  • Preliminary meetings with key parties to agree on wall design, materials, specifications and the construction process
  • A dedicated and experienced team of gabion wall construction personnel
  • Risk assessments and method statements in advance of works commencing

Project Build Components

  • Bi-axial welded mesh gabion baskets: 75mm × 75mm welded mesh (4mm wire diameter, Galfan coated)
  • Pillared Welsh slate (60m3)
  • Scottish Beach Cobbles (20T)
  • 6G Gabion Granite (180T)
  • Non-woven, needle-punched geotextile membrane
  • Compressor, masonry saw, diamond blade, pressure washer, wacker plate,3T dumper, pneumatic clipping tools and all fixing accessories including CL50 ‘C’ rings and helicals

Abbot's Hill School Gabion Landscaping Welded Trapezoidal Benches

Abbot's Hill School Gabion Landscaping Welded Trapezoidal Benches

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