Envac Riverside Development Timelapse

Freestanding gabion wall
October 28, 2019

Following several months of build process on site, we are delighted to show the fruits of our labour at the ENVAC Centre Barking. Having engaged with our client, L&Q throughout 2018 on the design, supply and installation processes for all forms of Gabion Structures, Enviromesh were commissioned to start the installation in February 2019.

Every kind of Gabion Solution was installed from 5m high vertical flush Gabion faced earth reinforced retaining walls, post supported Gabion Balustrades, Mass Gravity gabion walls, Free Standing Gabion walls with combined gate posts, 10m high Gabion Cladding both to the external ENVAC building as well as internally and low height landscaping features combining a series of Gabion Benches and Amphitheatre to the surrounding park land.

Built to exacting standards using imported Granite from Leicestershire, our Time Lapse video shows off the construction process.

We would welcome hearing from anyone who is considering a Gabion Structure to an up and coming Project.


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