Gabions at Tesco Project Heart

Post-Supported, freestanding, landscaping, benches gabiopns at Tesco project Heart
October 29, 2018


Client: Tesco PLC

Contractor: McLaren Construction & Galldris Construction

Architect: LOM Architecture & Design

Location: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK

Date: November 2017

Works Duration: 13 weeks total on-site

The Project Heart development is set to be a new and exciting central hub for Tesco staff, providing flexible spaces for staff to learn, collaborate and innovate, as well as hosting facilities for staff wellbeing and also features a customer experience centre.

The development provides an opportunity to host events, promote new initiatives and showcase products. Core to the building’s function is its central circulation and atrium: an open, multi-functional, communal space for events, presentations, collaborating and socializing that acts as the building’s focal point.

Enviromesh’s task was to design, supply and install a series of gabion structures surrounding the new building. This included the post-supported rain screen walls surrounding the building, post-supported Gas Kiosk enclosure, a freestanding BBQ area and Gabion Benches.

Services provided by Enviromesh

  • Built sample walls on-site for approval
  • Manufacture of the gabion mesh baskets in line with the design and supply to site
  • Design engineer consultations and production of as-built drawings
  • Post Supported Gabion Rain Screen wall installation and hand-placed stones
  • Gabion Benches installation and hand-placed stones
  • Post-Supported Gas Kiosk enclosure installation and hand-placed stones
  • Free-Standing Gabion BBQ area installation and hand-placed stones
  • RAMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements) provided prior to working on site
  • Purchase, supply and delivery of 245 tonnes of 6G Gritstone during the thirteen week construction period
  • Pre-contract meeting with the main contractor in August 2017

Project Build Components

  • Galfan Coated Welded steel wire mesh gabions manufactured from 75mm × 75mm × 4mm wire diameter
  • 245T Rockfill material (6G Gritstone)
  • All fixing accessories including CL50 ‘C’ ring and helicals
  • Gabion mesh test panel built prior to the commencement of work undertaken (for approval by all parties on gabions and stone types)
  • A dedicated and experienced team of gabion wall construction personnel
  • Supply of Square Hollow Section steel wind posts complete with welded base plates

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