Kuwait Prayer Room


Al Shaheed Park is the largest urban park in Kuwait. Located on the largest and most historical ring roads in the country. This area contains a wealth of history awaiting exploration. The $118 million USD development features beautiful botanical gardens, two museums – Thekra and the Habitat, a visitors centre, a lake, walkways and jogging paths. Al Shaheed Park narrates the story of a land, its history and culture. Al Hani Construction contacted Enviromesh to advise on the Kuwait Prayer Room designs, part of the Al Shaheed Park development. Following this Enviromesh created their own designs based on the architect’s original designs. As a result, this developed into the supply the gabions for the freestanding walls to surround the prayer room.


Kuwait City presented an interesting logistical challenge due to the coordination and timing of the delivery of gabion materials and accessories. Enviromesh gabions and accessories are manufactured to exacting ISO and BS EN Standards. The integrity of the finished structures that Enviromesh design and install means that these standards must be maintained (irrespective of where the installation is undertaken). For this reason, this was a case of not just getting materials to the site, but getting the correctly specified materials to the site. Working closely with a key supply chain partner in the UAE. All shipments moved by road from the mill in Ras al-Khaimah; one of the seven states that makes up the UAE, to the project site to meet the programme.


Another main concern was with the design of the walls and the lack of structural support. Enviromesh gave the contractors their professional opinion on how to design against wind loading. However, Al Hani Construction was responsible for getting the correct and required information. Additionally, the structural designer’s knowledge of Kuwait and the design is useful for this. Enviromesh could advise on this to ensure the gabion walls are safely supported and there is no structural risk.


With initial concern of the lack of structural support addressed. Enviromesh liaised with the contractor to advise on how best to construct the gabion columns around the wind posts. As a result, supplying the gabions in panel format instead of factory produced flat packs. Therefore the system built on site more readily around the series of four-metre high pre-positioned steel support posts. As a result, placed at the two-metre intervals as determined by the structural engineer along the full length of each wall. The aim to make sure that the structural support of the gabion walls to address potential safety issues. All posts required 400mm square welded base plates with additional 150mm x 150mm clamp plates. To accommodate anchor bolt fixings for internal restraint and clamping.

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